50 Breakfast Dishes From Around the Globe

It’s often said that breakfast is the most popular meal of the day. In the United States, a typical breakfast meal may consist of pancakes, eggs and bacon, but this is not the case in many other parts of the world. In this new infographic from the team at KulicksPancakeRecipes.com comes this fascinating guide that details 50 different breakfast dishes from around the world. How many of these different breakfast dishes have you tried?

Each of the various breakfast dishes on this infographic comes from a different country, and undoubtedly one of the more unique meals on here is Gallo Pinto. It’s a very popular meal for breakfast in Costa Rica, and it’s a dish that includes both beans and rice which are first cooked separately, and then stir-fried together. It’s typically topped with sour cream and salsa, and is usually served with foods like tortillas, cheese, avocado or eggs.

Another very popular breakfast dish from around the world, and perhaps one of the most unique that is included on this infographic is called Changua. It’s from Colombia, and interestingly enough, is typically used as being a great cure for hangovers. Changua is a hearty milk soup that is made from boiling a mixture of milk and water, and then cracking eggs into it. Once cooked, it’s garnished with cilantro, scallions and calado, which is actually a piece of stale bread!

Aside from these two interesting breakfast dishes like Gallo Pinto from Costa Rica, or Changua from Colombia, there are breakfast dishes from many countries, including Argentina, Australia, Egypt, England, Iceland, Italy, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, and Turkey.

There are so many different tasty looking breakfast trends from around the world that are featured on this infographic! How many of these do you plan on trying in the near future?

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50 Breakfast Dishes From Around the Globe

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