40 Amazing Pancakes From Around the World

Pancakes are one of the best breakfast options out there, because they can come in so many different ways. This is proven even more when you consider how people around the world enjoy them in different ways.

Not only can you get them with different syrups and fillings in the United States, with this new infographic from Kulick’s Pancake Recipes, you can see 40 different truly unique types of pancakes from different countries all over the globe. Pancakes are also common snacks in different countries as well!

Unique types of pancakes from all over the world

There are several unique types of pancakes on this infographic that may seem quite foreign to you depending on where you are in the world. For example, there are a few that really stand out as being particularly interesting.

Pfannkuchen is a type of pancakes coming out of Germany, and they’re given a mildly acidic taste and fluffy texture by the use of carbonated water, and they’re typically used in flädlesuppe, a savory soup with “pancake noodles.”

Another quite interesting type of pancake is called Martabak, and is a popular type of pancakes in Indonesia. These pancakes are stuffed with ingredients like minced meat, scallions, leeks and beaten eggs, and are both folded and spicy. These can also be sweet pancakes as well when they’re stuffed with ingredients like chocolate and peanuts.

Other pancakes from around the world include Okonomiyaki in Japan, which is a pancake that’s made with cabbage and wheat flour, and then cooked on a teppanyaki, which is a large iron griddle. Interestingly enough, it’s commonly topped with eggs, mayonnaise, seafood or meat.

In South Africa, a common pancake that’s a big favorite is Pannenkoek, which actually originated in the Netherlands. These thick crepe-like are typically drizzled with cinnamon sugar and fresh lemon juice, and are rolled up and best served warm.

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