How did education change during the pandemic?

In many countries, schools and universities are closed for quarantine or work remotely. Therefore, ministries of education are looking for ways to educate children in a pandemic.

Researchers from the United States found that a long break in learning leads to a loss of knowledge and skills. Over the summer, students lose about a month of the school year: moreover, the loss of knowledge and skills in mathematics is greater than from reading (we are talking about the United States). Pupils from families with lower incomes lose more, so access to quality resources is less.

Now the gap in access to education may worsen, even more, write Andreas Schleicher and Fernando M. Reimers, because not all parents can help with homeschooling, not all schools have introduced distance learning and children have different motivations for independent learning. In addition, the technical base in educational institutions is different, depending on the state and the level of income.

But the educational strategy must prevent educational losses. These losses are likely to be significant, equal to two months of the school year and possibly more. Therefore, we must admit that in a pandemic, it will not be possible to achieve the same goals in training. And this requires a change in priorities and determination of what is most important to study during this period.

So how has education in the United States changed during this time?

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How did education change during the pandemic?

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