How Waffles Are Made Around the Globe

Around the world, waffles are enjoyed in many different ways, and depending on where you are, the toppings can be quite different. In the United States especially, people tend to enjoy having their waffles topped with things like whipped cream, fruit, chocolate chips and maple syrup. Meanwhile, over in Scandinavia, people tend to enjoy their waffles with cheese, salmon and sour cream.

From the team at Kulick’s French Toast Recipes comes this new infographic that looks at 28 different waffles from around the world.

Of all of the countries featured on this infographic, perhaps no country is more known for their waffles and overall varieties than Belgium, where there are more than dozen different varieties. In Belgium, some of the more popular varieties include; belgian, brussels, galettes, kempen and liege waffles.

Brussels are especially a popular type, as they’re commonly found at carnivals, and are light, rectangular and airy, and are best enjoyed when covered with powdered sugar or chocolate. Kempem waffles are also popular in Belgium. They make for a perfect snack, as they’re yet another style of the Belgian one that has many small pockets and is very crunchy, crumbly, and buttery.

Other popular types from around the world include American Waffles, which are primarily served as part of the breakfast in the United States. They’re commonly topped with things like chocolate chips, fruit, ice cream, bacon, whipped cream and/or maple syrup.

Waffle Pao de Queijo is popular in Brazil, too – it’s a famous Brazilian cheese waffle that can be turned into a dessert by spreading jam on top.

What’s your personal favorite way to enjoy waffles?

Waffles around the world  Infographic

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