35 Alternatives to Maple Syrup for Pancakes

Pancakes have a long history. Even more than 5,300 years ago early humans were found with ancient ground wheat and bits of charcoal in their stomachs leading researchers to believe these grains were made into a batter and cooked over heat. Greeks and Romans topped their pancakes with honey while other early civilizations used spices, rosewater, and fruits.

Today’s popular pancakes can be stuffed with fruit, chocolate chips, nuts and more and the possibilities for toppings are endless. If you want to spice up your pancake game you can always start by switching up your maple syrup. Instead of maple syrup you can top your cakes with honey. You can also make a syrup with honey by mixing it with water and heating it until the honey disappears.

What can you use instead of maple syrup?

On this infographic from kulickspancakerecipes.com there are 35 different types of syrups that aren’t maple.

The first alternative to maple syrup on the list is something I’ve never heard of called Acetomel. It is a syrup made from honey and vinegar that gives a sweet and sour taste. Attar is a sweet syrup used in many Middle Eastern desserts that would also be good on pancakes.

Did you know you can make syrup from rice? Brown rice syrup is made from cooked rice starch and results in a thick and sticky but mildly sweet syrup. Chashni is what many Afghan and north Indian cultures call their sugar syrup. In the Caribbean, locals will use Falernum in their tropical drinks which is a syrup liqueur native to the region.

Glucose syrup is also on the list and although it may not sound the most appetizing it is also known as confectioner’s glucose and it’s made from the hydrolysis of starch. You may never have thought to put grapes on your pancakes but you could add some grape syrup made from concentrated grape juice.

How many alternatives of maple syrup are you willing to try? Check out the infographic below!

Infographic that visualizes 35 alternatives to maple syrup for pancakes

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