Craftsman House Plans: An Inside Look

You may be familiar with the Craftsman homes of the early 1900s. Craftsman house plans have taken the American public by storm, thanks to their careful attention to detail. This infographic will explore the Craftsman house plans and their History. Along with a few of their best features, and show you how to get started on your own house.

Craftsman houses are beautiful and spacious. They offer a wealth of beautiful and unique interior features. Such as built-in cabinetry and shelving, copper and art glass light fixtures and so much more. Craftsman houses have been inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, and they have taken that into consideration in their selection of materials and designs. It captured the imaginations of Americans back in the days of the late 1800s when these beautiful houses were first built.

Learn more about the interior features of these homes and take a look at one of our favorite Craftsman-inspired floor plans – the Halstad Craftsman House Plan.

You’ll fall in love with the shared living spaces, central fireplace and numerous windows.

You can visit to find a wide variety of Craftsman-inspired plans!

An Inside Look at Craftsman House Plans

What Makes a good Craftsman House?

The Craftsman home represents a return to simplicity and quality craftsmanship – and it has re-emerged as one of the most coveted house plan styles in the United States today. In fact, recent data shows the Craftsman style is popular across all age groups and regions.

The following infographic explores the hallmark features of a Craftsman home plan, as well as how the beloved style is developed.

What Makes a Craftsman House Infographic

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