Living in a Screen Age: Why Keeping Children Safe Online is So Important

Unlimited screen time can have detrimental effects on the mind, mental health, physical health, and many other aspects of a young internet user’s life. In 2021, parents ranked increased screen time as one of the top three harmful effects of Covid-19, and screen usage only continues to grow. Adolescent screen time more than doubled during … Read more

Cars That Cause the Most Fatal Accidents in the U.S.

Based on data per the National Highway Safety Administration, the Chevrolet Silverado is the model most associated with fatal car accidents from 2016 through 2020. This infographic from used these data to analyze what the 25 most dangerous vehicles on the road were, specifically which models were involved in the most fatal car crashes … Read more

Where did COVID-19 Cause the Most People to Work From Home?

One of the biggest changes at the start of the pandemic was that work from home became a new reality for many Americans. While some employees returned to the office when restrictions were lifted, many companies chose to let their employees continue working from home and some even decided to make it a permanent switch. … Read more

How Much the Tooth Fairy Pays Per Tooth in Every U.S. State

The tooth fairy has come from a long line of superstitions around baby teeth. In the Middle Ages, in England, parents were told to burn their children’s baby teeth so they would have a good life in the afterworld. The Vikings were told a different tale about their kid’s teeth. They believed that their children’s … Read more

How Successful People’s Sleep Routines Are The Key To Success

Our world’s top leaders, in activism, politics, business, sports, and entertainment, value sleep over their awards, fame, recognition, and money. Sleep is the key to success, as they value their personal sleep needs and fulfill each night’s due sleep cycles, and it can fuel yours too. Across the globe, top-paid leaders and public figures routinely … Read more

The Nursing Home Crisis: Staffing Shortage

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, nursing homes are in need of nurses more than ever. 2021 has resulted in a significant decrease in nursing home employment. 86% of nursing homes reported serious staffing issues. 59% have even reported that the problem has reached critical levels. Unfortunately, 70% of nursing homes are having a hard time increasing staff. … Read more