The Most-Sold Celebrity Fragrances in the World

It’s been since the 1980s when fragrances and perfumes endorsed by celebrities have been popular. It’s Sophia Loren who is most commonly credited with being the one who created the very first celebrity fragrance. In 1981, she released her perfume called “Sophia,” which was created with Coty, a legendary fragrance company. It was this product … Read more

Why Playing is Crucial for Children’s Brain Development

“Children are natural scientists — they come into the world ready to experiment and learn through play. And they use what they discover to not only adapt the structure of their brains but also strengthen the skills they need to continue being engaged, flexible learners for their whole lives.” — The LEGO Foundation. Children need … Read more

Cyber Wars: The New Fight of the Future?

On the online landscape, cyber attacks have been commonplace and hackers prevalent. From personal, small-scale notifications about endangered email passcodes to large-scale infiltrations like the 2014 North Korea hack into Sony, we have seen cyber wars take place. But we are beginning to see larger consequences from these cyber attacks in the form of full … Read more

Why Colleges Are Merging to Survive

The past 4 years have seen 95 college mergers, the most in a generation. Most colleges don’t merge entirely by choice but are motivated by a declining list of ways to keep doors open. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, aging demographics, and the shifting national attitude towards higher education, colleges are struggling to compete over a … Read more

Gold Over Dollars: Smart Investment for the Future

In 2022, the value of the dollar has depreciated considerably. Gold, compared to the dollar, does not experience the same fluctuation in value. One hundred years ago, six cents had the same buying power as one dollar today. The rate of inflation today is at its highest since 1981. Consumers are facing the repercussions of … Read more

The Mandela Effect: Do You Remember Correctly?

The Mandela effect describes a phenomenon of misremembering information by a large group of people. Initially coined in reference to the mass misremembering of Nelson Mandela’s death date, the term describes discrepancies in memory towards details or events of common knowledge. For instance, many people believe a familiar lyric from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, “it’s a … Read more