Why You Need to Clean Your Home Workplace

TidyChoice ’s infographic ‘’Why you need to clean your home workplace’’ presents top tips on how to keep your home workplace germ-free. To keep bacteria in check and avoid illness, clean your workplace. Sanitize your desk, keyboard, mouse and phone at least once a day. Germs need warm humid place to multiply, and wiping down your home workplace with an antibacterial wipe will prevent the spread of infection.

As many companies embraced the work from home approach, now it is more important than ever to keep your home clean. Keyboards are notorious for harbouring germs, especially as more than 60% of employees have lunch at their desk. Food particles and dropped crumbs encourage the growth of bacteria.

The mouse does not pick up quite as much grime as a keyboard at just 1.4 million germs per square inch. Talking into a desk phone, touching the screen and just having the phone in easy reach can turn your desk into a breeding ground of bacteria. Even if your desk looks sanitized and tidy, it might not be. Surprisingly, 89% of workers do not clean their desk properly while 38% will only do a ‘quick clean’.

Poor personal hygiene encourages the transmission of disease-causing germs. 39% of people do not wash their hands properly which contributes to the high levels of grime that builds up on your desk. Home workplace contains thousands of germs, multiplying from one to 8 million in one day.

The lack of hygiene causes 68% of sick leave with 95% of sick leave being from minor illnesses. Pathogens such as flu and cold can quickly spread across contaminated surfaces and survive for 24 hours. More dangerous pathogens such as Hepatitis and MRSA can last on hard surfaces for 42 days and 180 days, respectively.

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