America’s Pandemic Breakfast Habits

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected multiple aspects of our lives, and breakfast is no exception. Before COVID, 56% of Americans and 87% of parents were typically too busy to make breakfast every day during the week. However, the pandemic and ability to work from home caused many to change their breakfast habits and companies like Bob Evans to support the change.

How our breakfast habits have changed during the pandemic

The number of Americans cooking at home has increased by 38% with 85% of people changing their eating and food preparation routine in 2020 and half of Americans choosing to make healthier food selections. Consumption of common breakfast items like pancakes, sausages, and bacon has also increased from 2019 to 2020, although more Americans have considered these items as comfort food instead of just limiting them to morning meals. Nonetheless, breakfast is still considered the most important meal of the day as 70% of people continue to eat breakfast most days, which is the same as before the pandemic.

Most people who prioritize breakfast do so to start the day in a positive way, satisfy morning hunger, or last until lunch.  Yet there are more benefits of eating breakfast that can help one live a healthier life.

Breakfast foods can improve health by delivering more fiber, calcium, and iron to your diet; lower cholesterol and the risk of type 2 diabetes; help you be more alert and focused; increase learning abilities; and control hunger so you can make healthier food decisions throughout the day.

Although the pandemic has positively impacted how people approach breakfast, will this result in the end of skipping breakfast altogether? Half of Americans still consider the morning meal to be the most time-consuming to make. However, 3 in 4 Americans have combated the hassle by purchasing heat-and-eat breakfasts at least once a month to make prep and cleanup easier. Some people also prefer refrigerated heat-and-eat breakfast options due to their convenience, taste, and price.

Eating breakfast right after waking up might not be for everyone for a range of personal reasons, but there is a good trend of people making healthier food choices that will most likely last even after the pandemic ends.

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American breakfast habits infographic

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