25 Health Benefits of Cycling

What are the health benefits of cycling? Everyone knows how important exercise is to your health and well being. Few people know however that biking can help improve many aspects of your life with just a few rides a week!

In this infographic, we have outlined twenty-five different ways that biking can have a prolonged effect on all aspects of your life!

  1. Improves Mental Well-Being
  2. Promotes Weight Loss
  3. Improves Your Overall Heart Health
  4. Builds Muscle Mass
  5. Improves Lung Health
  6. Reduces Heart Disease and Cancer Risks
  7. Saves Time
  8. Improves Your Sex Life
  9. Improves Sleep Patterns
  10. Boosts cognitive function
  11. Improves Awareness and Coordination
  12. Easier on Your Joints
  13. Strengthens Your Immune System
  1. Social Benefits
  2. Younger Overall Appearance
  3. Improves Regularity
  4. Helps You Live Longer
  5. Saves the Planet
  6. Promotes an Easier pregnancy
  7. Fights Off Cancer
  8. Improves Your Financial Situation
  9. Eat More Guilt-Free Foods
  10. Improves Creativity
  11. Helps Control Diabetes
  12. Helps With Arthritis

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Biking Health Benefits - 25 Health Benefits of Cycling

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  1. My brother and I would like to try biking from our house to our work since this may help protect the environment from pollution. Well, it’s interesting to learn that this type of activity will help reduce heart disease and prevent cancer too. I also never knew that this will help control diabetes as well.


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