The Most Searched Types of Jewellery on Google

What way to better sum up how many people search for jewellery on Google in a month, than with an infographic? Who doesn’t love at-a-glance information, graphically displayed data, and the neat lines and columns of a good chart? For the sake of keeping things neat and tidy, we have rounded these figures to the nearest thousand searches.

Let’s talk about bracelets, first. You can see that rings are dominating on all fronts, whereas earrings are firmly occupying second place. In the rear we have vintage rings and bangles, but bracelets and necklaces are stuck floating in the middle.

Users only searched for bracelets 74,000 times. Of those times, an unimpressive 12,000 searches were related to diamond bracelets compared with 27,000 for gold. We see a repetition of this in the necklace category. Users preferred the gold necklace to the diamond necklace here, too. When we glance back at engagement rings, we see the opposite effect, with users preferring diamonds.

We can attribute this disparity to the number of people who give diamond rings and earrings as gifts. They are traditional love stones, given to those who matter most to us. Gold is for all of us, is more affordable, but doesn’t have the glitter and shine of a diamond. People buy diamonds for love and gold for fashion, with the arguable exception of wedding rings, when we opt for gold bands as symbolic of everlasting love.

People far preferred gold bangles to diamond bangles. We wondered if the few searches related to diamond bangles were as a result of the association of bangles with other metals. Further study and more data would be needed to find this out. What we do know is that bangles represent 2% of the searches for wrist jewellery, while bracelets have 7%. It’s a small yet significant difference.


Most Searched Types of Jewellery on Google Infographic

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