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How to Make a Lightsaber (Infographic)

There is always one idiot who brings a knife to a gunfight. But what if once, just once, you could bring the power of the force with a lightsaber? Well, now you can!

Jedi are the chi harnessing, bushido respecting ninja of the future, with saber skills to match. Granted, our still limited technology prevents us from easily manufacturing the real thing, and granted, the illumination from the light-emitting diode from your easy to build replica will most likely be the last thing you see as you confront you’re would be gun-wielding assassin.

None the less, how cool would you look?

So, while we wait for technology to grant us the tools and equipment to build the real deal, here is an affordable and simple method on how to build your own lightsaber.

via Herbertpocket.

How to Make a Lightsaber (Infographic)

Sebastiaan Laan

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  1. What a fun DIY project! My son will thank me for sharing this really cool infographic with him! Love the wide and varied range of topics you cover!

  2. this is awesome. love how it is broken down. does not seem that easy or hard to do. i wonder how long it would take me to do this.

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