Pablo Escobar: Who Was The Man Behind The Moustache

First off, if you haven’t seen Narcos, Netflix’s original series, stop right now and watch it! The series stars Boyd Holbrook, Wagner Moura, and Marice Compote and details Pablo Escobar’s rise to power. Escobar was a Colombian kingpin who ruled the world’s most far-reaching and complex drug trade while killing thousands of people in the … Read more

Home Entertainment Trends Over the Years

Thirty-six years since the opening of the first Blockbuster store in Texas, we are also sitting on the 11-year anniversary of the home entertainment giant going bankrupt. It’s ironic timing, given how many hundreds of hours have no doubt been spent watching movies as the world goes in and out of pandemic lockdowns over the … Read more

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Mission – Milestones

On May 30, 2020, a Crew Dragon mission has proved its strategic feasibility. NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley flew on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft and were successfully caught up with the International Space Station several hours after the launch. After departing astronauts, the spacecraft has successfully landed on Earth, hopefully, celebrating the era … Read more

Star Wars Rogue One Cast – The New Characters (Infographic)

Here’s a beautiful guide that includes the new characters of the Star Wars Rogue One cast. Star Wars Rogue One released in theatres back in December 16, 2016. This Infographic Guide is created by fans at and helps chart all the new characters in the all-new Star Wars journey. The Rebellion Jyn Erso (Felicity … Read more

Back To The Future – How The Flux Capacitor Works

The flux capacitor is a key invention of the scientist, Doc Emmett Brown. It is featured in the movie, Back to the Future. The flux capacitor converts the energy from plutonium and it propels his time traveling DeLorean. On the fateful day that Doc Brown is dying from the radiation poisoning, Marty McFly’s flux capacitor … Read more